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Jaton has been a leading pioneer in NGN and Broadband Wireless Technologies. With the help of our innovative and experienced R&D team, we have developed unique enabling technologies for NGN and WiMAX access network products. The intellectual properties not only are used in our product implementation, but also provide the basis for international ODM or OEM product services. Our core technologies and intellecture properties include:


n          WiMAX related core technologies:

Ø          Single processor architecture implementation of WiMAX multi-service gateway, resulting in significant cost reduction for the WiMAX terminal products.

Ø          WiMAX and WiFi co-existence technique that allows close integration of WiMAX access and WiFi AP devices.

n          VoIP related core technologies:

Ø          Multiple Call Control Protocol Stacks (SIP, H323, MGCP)

Ø          Enhanced QoS Control for VoIP application

Ø          Multiple VLAN support over single IP interface

Ø          Auto Provision, upgrade management, device and network service monitoring

n          TDM over IP related core technologies:

Ø          Point-to-Multipoint configuration support

Ø          Accurate clock synchronization algorithm for satellite, wireless and xDSL link applications

Ø          Auto E1 data compression and optimization techniques

Ø          Unique packet loss handling techniques that dramatically improves E1 link reliability

n          BWA related core technologies:

Ø          802.11a TDM air interface design that extends wireless range to over 30kms with consistent data throughput.

Ø          Link-adaptive ARQ algorithm that ensures fast and reliable user data delivery.

Ø          Unique user and service fairness scheduling algorithm that ensures best service delivery to end users.