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Jaton 4000M WIMAX OUTDOOR CPERELIABLE CONVENIENT WIRELESS BROADBAND ACCESSThe Jaton 4000M is a highly advanced WiMAX outdoor multi-service gateway product specifically designed to meet integrated data, voice and Wi-Fi access needs for residential, busine


The Jaton 4000M is a highly advanced WiMAX outdoor multi-service gateway product specifically designed to meet integrated data, voice and Wi-Fi access needs for residential, business and enterprise users. The product consists of an outdoor data CPE unit and an indoor multiservice gateway that supports advanced networking, VoIP gateway and WLAN AP functionalities. It enables wide service coverage and provides high data throughput and networking features to customers who needs easy broadband access, low cost VoIP service and convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Jaton 4000M is a cost effective and reliable residential outdoor CPE product solution based on the WiMAX Forum's standard implementation of the IEEE 802.16e Wave II specification. It can meet the most demanding requirements of major service providers with high data throughput and availability. It also supports standard OMA-DM and TR069 management interface for centralized auto provision and upgrade management. Network operators can count on the performance and reliability of the device to provide mass service deployment.
Equipped with three 10/100Mbps Ethernet data port, one or two VoIP FXS ports and high performance 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi AP module, the device provides an effective all-in-one solution to the home or enterprise networking user.

Jaton 4000M is a user-friendly WiMAX CPE, and very convenient for both using and managing. Easy and simple, self installation for non professional user delivers instant broadband anywhere. All interfaces in the plug and play Jaton 4000M are fully integrated and it comes with all the necessary device drivers pre-loaded. Subscribers just connect the device to their LAN computer and the device is ready to offer an experience of surfing over Internet. The LEDs on the Jaton 4000M have also been designed for user convenience, and offer a clear sign of what the device is doing. The compact design is well suited for residential home use. The IP addresses can be statically allocated or dynamically obtained via DHCP. Jaton 4000M offers rich management features which facilitate the task of service provider. It supports management by Telnet, WEB, and standard based OMA-DM and TR-069 solution for centralized device configuration, upgrades and monitoring. To meet challenges of service deployment in different countries and regions, Jaton 4000M is designed to operate over a wide frequency spectrum in 2.3-2.4GHz (F23), 2.5-2.7GHz(F25), 3.3-3.6GHz(F35) and 3.6-3.8GHz(F38) bands, which gives much greater flexibility in frequency planning for the service provider and ease of roaming for the end customer.

Jaton 4000M supports for 2x2 MIMO, adaptive modulation and coding (AMC) technology to maximize the system capacity and bandwidth throughput by automatically adjusting modulation to respond to various signal qualities. With the built-in high gain Omni Directional antenna, Jaton 4000M enables a longer reception range from the base station. This yields more efficient use of the network with a larger cell reach, guaranteed carrier class service, and customer service probability. Advanced Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) modulation enhances performance in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) conditions to ensure immunity to interference and multi-path conflicts typical of deployments in densely populated urban areas. Moreover, sophisticated VLAN and QoS capabilities in the 802.16e MAC, 802.1P and DSCP classification and prioritization functions ensure true end-to-end security and QoS for high quality data, voice and video services.